mistys diner

mistys diner

mistys diner

mistys diner

mistys diner

mistys diner

mistys diner

Venturing out on a cold melbourne day, We headed off to our 1st A resturant. We started off with American. SO we choose a place called Mistys diner, in a suburb called Pahran. This diner is situated next to a car wash.

Walking in to the diner, its obvious that its been around for awhile. owned by an american its walls a cluttered with number plates and records and posters of old stars. Tvs are on playing the baseball. As we waited to be seated, We were then greeted by a grumpy american man boy.

We asked for a booth but all were taken, and then wanted to place us next to the kitchen window. so we asked to be seated near the windows closer to the counters.

Having a look at the menu, we noticed that it had a breakfast menu, then other foods, included a lot of fried foods. Some of the foods were soups, mexican, famous chilli fries, burgers, hot dogs and so on as well as desserts.

The grumpy american man boy waiter came to take our order, so as we tried to order the drinks we wanted he was extreamly rude. I ordred a cherry coke and a budweiser. tea on the other hand wanted a dr pepper float which wasnt avalible and because she wasnt anble to deside on the spot what drink she wanted, the grumpy man boy waiter got narky and headed off to another table. thank goodness we ordred our starter.

Our starter we ordered was called bean grande, long sticks of pureed bean dip rolled in a coating and then deep friend and served with a sweet chilli and sour cream dip. this took as long as the grumpy man boy waiter ventured back over to see if we were ready for drinks.

Ordered drinks, a budweiser and a long island iced tea, and if fear of grumpy man boy waiter not coming back, we ordered a shared main.

Upon waiting we looked more around at the dacor. which was pretty much full 1950s style american diner. mainly in pink. the table next to us got there mains and the waitress warned them the burger buns contained a bit of salt. the girls looked a bit horrified.

Our meal arrive along with a range of dipping sauces. Our platter contained 3 pork ribs, some onion rings, chips, wedges, mini meatballs, buffalo wings, chicken wings.

ONce we were finished, we seriously couldnt eat anymore. We got up to pay. Grumpy man boy waiter changed his way. he appaered nice. Paying, we noticed the glass counter was full of american sweets. eg juniour mints, nerds, jelly belly beans drinks pop tarts and so on.

All in all, would we go back, no. rating about a 5. We have found though that we have noticed the salt content both of us havent stopped drinking water for a good 15 hours now.

OUr next resturant is another A, so we trying afghan food. the resturant is called Kabul. keep a look out

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