Kabul Afghan Resturant. Elsternwick

Kabul Afghan Resturant. Elsternwick

Kabul Afghan Resturant. Elsternwick

Kabul Afghan Resturant. Elsternwick

Kabul Afghan Resturant. Elsternwick

Kabul Afghan Resturant. Elsternwick

We ventured out to Elsternwick to try Afghan Cuisine. We parked a few blocks away and walked to the resturant. Upon entering we noticed it was quiet. Due to Ramadan we gathered that customers were probably at home breaking the fast with their families.

We werent actually greeted by staff, so we walked up to the counter. The ladys were very quiet but attentive. We seated outselves towards the back of the resturant so we could take it all in. The atmosphere was deathly quiet. No music playing so every word could be heard.

One gas heater was placed in the middle of the resturant and warmed most of the resturant. Carpets were on the wall and also canvas's. Up until around 7:20pm we were the only partrons in the restuarnt and then a few groups came in. The waitress actually put the heater in front of them leaving where were were sitting feeling cold. So we asked for it to be moved back. The waitress did attempt to tell us that the reverse cycle was switched on. and still we requested it be moved back into the middle. This was actually done.

We ordered drinks. pomigrante juice, coke zero, and we continued to look at the menu. Lots of choices. We decided to choose two entree's and a shared main. other tables were given water, and because it was so quiet, when we spoke to each other and said wonder where our water was, the waitress brought it to our table

We chose a dish called Mantoo which was Lamb minced with onion,coriander,cumin,wrapped in homemade pastry and steamed served with lentil sauce and drizzled with garlic yoghurt sauce, pretty much like a dumpling.

and also Trio of house made dips Freshly made in house served with warm Afghani bread.These dips were a chickpea dip, a garlic yoghurt dip and pumpkin and pinenut sort of dip. bread wa plentiful and these dips were so lovely.

Our shared main was Mix kebab Tikka,chicken,chopan,shami. We had a side of chips with this. our chops came with a small dish of apple sauce. Must say this was lovely.

Apart from the lack of atmoshere. the food was plentiful and enjoyable a little bit too garlically. good to try something new.  best rate it around 6.5 to 7

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Comments (2)

  1. littl3m3

    I don’t know where this is but it looks wonderful. I miss having so many food choices… i miss all the different experiences…

    December 28, 2013
  2. brookeheinig

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